Best Sandwich in NYC @ The Chopping Block, New York NY 10038

Best Sandwich in New York - Fuego @ Chopping Block New York NY 10038

Firstly, I would like to thank you for finding my blog and reading my posts. We are dedicating this post to a very special restaurant in lower Manhattan, NY. That restaurant is the Chopping Block on 41 John St, New York NY 10038.

Chopping Block has separated themselves from the competition by offering a sandwich that is different from all others! Each sandwich includes a choice of an oven roasted meat including the Brisket Rubenesque and the Fuego. Each sandwich comes from a unique recipe designed by the chef. Not only are the sandwich recipes amazing, each option on the menu can be chosen as a salad as well and is just as good.

All the ingredients within the sandwiches are fresh, made fresh, high quality, and made to order. What really separates these sandwiches from the rest is the layering of it. When we think of sandwiches, seldom do we ever think of “layers”, but that is what a sandwich is, layers of ingredients between bread. The recipes are so unique and out of this world and it’s not just their names. The layering of the sandwiches are near perfect, with just the right amount of sauce and just the right amount of everything else. When I say sauce, I don’t just mean mayonnaise or ketchup. These sauces have a recipe of it’s own.

The restaurant itself has a good vibe and is quite different from most restaurants near 10038. It’s very casual, with good music, and very “villagy” if that makes any sense. It’s definitely a great place not only to have lunch, but to hang out with friends as well. They offer free wifi and several board games. If you’re not hungry, you can also order tea or coffee. The coffee is brewed from a La Marzocco espresso machine, which is a top of the line piece of equipment to produce espresso shots. Chopping Block is definitely the NYC restaurant for me whether it’s for sandwiches, salads, or coffee.